Reb Livingston is a mixed-media artist, writer and editor living in Northern Virginia.

As of January 2020, her mixed-media work is available for purchase on Etsy. View her latest creations on Instagram.

Her books include Bombyonder (2014) (purchase at SPD for fastest delivery), God Damsel (2010) and Your Ten Favorite Words (2006) (purchase at SPD for fastest delivery). Her work appears in literary magazines and her poem “That’s Not Butter” appeared in The Best American Poetry 2006 (Scribner). She has Creative Writing degrees from Bennington (MFA) and Carnegie Mellon (BA).

Currently Reb is the Misfit Documents editor at Queen Mob’s Teahouse. Previously she was the founder and editor of No Tell Motel and No Tell Books.

Reb curates the Bibliomancy Oracle.

Email: reb@rebaroni.com

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