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Bombyonder (Bitter Cherry Books 2014)

Livingston’s book is built of scrap-metal reflections, out-of-context memories, letters and text messages, diary entries that resemble free-writes, random lists, surreal images, and dreamlike anecdotes. The book might best be described as a bazaar of beautiful literary figures—startling sentences, scintillating word-play, and mind-bending ideas.
—John Parras reviews Bombyonder at Rain Taxi

What exactly it is, while unclear, is not inconsequential for those who will read it, and Livingston has given her novel the poet’s subversive touch by protecting it from tidy explanations. Bombyonder expertly declines greatness, legacy, and timelessness before it’s ever even asked about them, but this intuitive and lingering book will never worm its way out of anyone who dares to pick it up.
—Marie Curran reviews Bombyonder at The Collagist

Reb Livingston’s literary forbears are legion. In this compellingly daft, lyrical, and mind-expanding novel we find traces of Sophocles, Lewis Carrol, Vonnegut, the Nabokov of Pale Fire, Hunter S. Thompson, Gertrude Stein, and Shelley—both of them—all run through the cerebral cortex of Tim Burton, put in a pill and swallowed whole by Livingston, the effect of which is an acid-trip of a novel that requires every bit of guile and courage a reader can muster.
—Brent Terry reviews Bombyonder at Cleaver Magazine

Bombyonder—whatever its genre is, it’s a book that had to be written and we’re fortunate it was written by a poet attuned to the many marvelous possibilities of language.
—Eileen Tabios reviews Bombyonder at Galatea Resurrects #23

God Damsel (No Tell Books 2010)

The inhabitants of this sexy, sometimes eyebrow-raising collection of prose poems appear to have been plucked out of ancient fairytales, but their actions, conflicts and desires speak all too clearly about the stories getting spun in the world we live in today.
—Rigoberto González reviews God Damsel at Critical Mass (the National Book Critics Circle blog)

Like all mothers, God Damsel has eyes in the back of her head and other places as well. This is a woman with power. This is a sexual, strong voice and believe me, you don’t want to fuck with her.
—Rebecca Loudon reviews God Damsel at Galatea Resurrects #15

Your Ten Favorite Words (Coconut Books 2007)

The strange telling throughout Your Ten Favorite Words — encompassing both major and minor themes — embraces language’s ability to create wonder and capture truth. Livingston mines memory and the moment to capture her varying tones (as priest, healer, medic, or manic) depending on the poem and the context, which are both utterly unpredictable. Cutting through the poetic voice is the poet’s humor, lurking around every corner, around every one of your favorite words.
—Craig Santos Perez reviews Your Ten Favorite Words at Jacket

The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel - Second Floor (anthology, co-editor with Molly Arden, No Tell Books 2007)

The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel (anthology, co-editor with Molly Arden, No Tell Books 2006)



The Fallacy Carriers from Bombyonder (The Chapbook, Vol. 3 2014)

Wanton Textiles (co-author, No Tell Books 2006)

Pterodactyls Soar Again (Whole Coconut Chapbook Series 2006)


Poems, Fiction & Multi-Genre

Excerpt from Bombyonder; Berfrois (February 2015)

5 selections from Bombyonder; The American Poetry Review (July/August 2014)

Selection from Bombyonder; The Rumpus (April 2014)

4 selections from Bombyonder; Drunken Boat (January 2014)

6 selections from Bombyonder; PEEP/SHOW (December 2013)

9 selections from Bombyonder; Map Literary (Fall 2013)

A Good Titty is Hard to Find“; POEM-A-DAY from THE ACADEMY OF AMERICAN LUNATICS at HTMLGIANT (October 28, 2013)

2 selections from Bombyonder; Beltway Poetry Quarterly (October 2013)

Selection from Bombyonder; Redux (September 16, 2013)

3 flash fiction stories from Bombyonder; Hobart (August 6, 2013)

2 selections from Bombyonder; Fringe Magazine (Issue 35, Summer 2013)

4 selections from Bombyonder; S i m i l a r : P e a k s : : (2013)

from Psychic Memoir “naked and upset”; Eleven Eleven (Issue 13, 2012)

from Psychic Memoir “pillow breaking apart“ and ”pink eye black“; MiPOesias (Spring 2012)

Report from Behind the Castle“; Map Literary (Spring 2012)

“from The Psychic Memoirs of Zirconza Khan“; Sinescope (Fall 2011)

“from The Forgiveness Canon (1),” “from The Forgiveness Canon (2),” “The Death of Thingamabob,” “The Death of Beau” and “The Death of Miscreant”; The Equalizer (Fall 2010)

Diminished Prophecy 13:1,” ”Diminished Prophecy 13:2,” ”Diminished Prophecy 13:3,” ”Diminished Prophecy 13:4,” ”Diminished Prophecy 13:5“ and ”Diminished Prophecy 13:6“; Action, Yes (Spring 2010)

Questions for the Quest“; The Rumpus (April 2010)

“The Death of Vale,” “The Death of Gigolo,” “The Death of Dandy” and “The Death of Woe-DoDo”; West Wind Review (2010)

“Lament for Time Machine,” “Lament for Gourds,” “Lament for the Double X Chromosomed” and “Lament for a Meadow”; Rooms Outlast Us (2010)

“Proverb 4”; Boog City Review (2010)

“Litany for Thy Fun” and “Litany for Emancipation”; i.e. reader (2009)

The Epistle of Damsel, ”Spell for Refunding Her Who Bozoed a Wineglass,” ”The Tabernacle Hymns,” ”A Hymn to Damsel,” ”GOURD Has Remembered“; No Tell Motel (December 2009)

“Diminished Prophecy 10:1”; INCH (2009)

Lament for Gigolo,” ”Lament for Bad Taste“ and ”Lament for Tempest“; Absent (Issue 4, 2009)

“Diminished Prophecy 11:1,” “Diminished Prophecy 11:3,” “Diminished Prophecy 11:4,” “Diminished Prophecy 11:5” and “Diminished Prophecy 11:6”; Eleven Eleven (Issue 7, July 2009)

”Spell for Ceasing the Pandering to the Daybroken Spiral,” ”Spell for Not Dueling with Dead Loveswap,” and ”Spell for Sipping the Elixir“; CUE (2009)

Lament to Damsel,” ”Lament to Gigolo“ and ”Lament for Absence“; Galatea Resurrects (Issue 12, 2009)

“Lament for Heart,” “Lament for the Name,” “Diminished Prophecy 7:1” and “Diminished Prophecy 7:2”; OCHO (Issue 24, 2009)

Spell for Panic on the Approach,” ”Diminished Prophecy 8:1,” ”Diminished Prophecy 8:2“ and ”Diminished Prophecy 8:3“; Dead Mule (April 2009)

”Effects of Jupiter,” ”Effect of Uranus,” ”Effect of Mars“ and ”Effect of Neptune“; SIR! (February 2009)

Lament for Attire,” ”Lament for the Obvious,” “ Lament for Availability“ and ”Lament for Jolly Good“; Wheelhouse Magazine (March 2009)

Litany for the Benefits,” ”Litany for Regifting“ and ”Litany for Insomnia“; the Denver syntax (2009)

Diminished Prophecy 1:4,” ”Diminished Prophecy 1:5,” ”Diminished Prophecy 1:6,” ”Diminished Prophecy 3:1,” ”Diminished Prophecy 5:1“ and ”Diminished Prophecy 5:2“; Delirious Hem (December 2008)

Spell for Extinguishing Woe-Dodo,” ”Another Spell for Extinguishing Woe-Dodo,” ”Spell For a Squat-Token of Dread Stone,” ”Spell For a Fountain Faker to be Settled on the Jugular of the Hierophant“ and ”Spell for Being Lukeswarmed into Any Scrape One May Fetish“; Moria (2008)

“Diminished Prophecy 6:3” and “Litany for the Wrong Bygone”; Gargoyle Magazine (Issue 53, Fall 2008)

Spell for Sipping the Elixir,” ”Spell for Lunching After the Death“ and ”Lament for Origin“; Anti- (2008)

Diminished Prophecy 6:1“ and ”Diminished Prophecy 6:2“; Spooky Boyfriend (Issue 1, Summer 2008)

The First Chronicle of Marriage,” ”The Second Chronicle of Marriage,” ”The Fourth Chronicle of Marriage,” ”The Fifth Chronicle of Marriage“ and ”The Ninth Chronicle of Marriage“; P.F.S. Post (Summer 2008)

“Diminished Prophecy 1:1”; 32 Poems (Spring 2008)

Lament for Fronting,” ”Lament for Bust,” ”Lament for Mutation,” ”Lament for Must,” ”Lament for Hush“ and ”Lament for Them“; Coconut (Issue 12, 2008)

Lament for Damsel“ and ”Lament for Sideshow“; The American Poetry Review (March/April 2008)

Litany for Thine TalentsThe Manila Broadsides, The So-and-So Series & Rope-a-Dope Press (December 2007)

The Third Chronicle of Marriage,” ”The Sixth Chronicle of Marriage,” ”The Seventh Chronicle of Marriage“ and ”The Eighth Chronicle of Marriage“; MiPOesias (December 2007)

“Litany for the Pang”; If Poetry Journal (December 2007)

Litany for the Fishyman,” ”Prophecy 4:1“ and ”Prophecy 4:2“; Night Train (October 2007)

“What There Wasn’t Time to Mention:  Notes”; The Hat (Issue 7, 2007)

“Diminished Prophecy 2:1,” “Diminished Prophecy 2:2” and “Diminished Prophecy 2:3”; FOURSQUARE 2.2 (2007)

Lament for Beau,” ”Lament for Little Lamb,” ”Lament for Acrimony,” ”Lament for Ha“ and ”Lament for Miscreant“; Caffeine Destiny (Fall 2007)

“At Last and Everlasting“ and ” “Finite and Fortnight”; Jumps (Issue 1, 2007)

“Good Night I Swear” and “He Will”; The Concher (Issue 1, 2007)

What Doesn’t Do,” ”Things Get,” ”Frankness and Light,” ”Poem for Make Believe“ and ”Inept Photography“; Tool a Magazine (Issue 8, 2007)

Fragile Takes Stand,” ”Tuning Out“ and ”Wind Like Swayze“; The Scrambler (2007)

Sampling of poems reprinted from Wanton Textiles and other publications; Beltway Poetry Quarterly (2007)

The Miser(ables),” ”Ours Alone“ and ”The Spirit to Adopt“; past simple (Issue 1, 2006)

“God Gets Close”; OCHO (Issue 5, 2006)

“Seven Spell”; Brevity is Not My Soul”; “Another Roundabout”; On Realizing There Won’t Be a Ceremony; Melancholia’s Tremulous Dreadlocks (Issue 2, 2006)

"Luna Park"; The Carolina Quarterly Emerging Voices Poetry Project (Volume 57, No. 3, 2006)

"Wanton Textiles" (co-author); Fringe Magazine (Issue 2, March 2006)

"Wifely Attempt at Poem"; MiPOesias (Volume 20, Issue 2, 2006)

"Cold Storage," "My Lover Beside" and "Still Feeling It"; MiPOesias (Volume 20, Issue 1, 2006)

"Ugly Girl Anthem," "Who the Man Was," "Off Vermont" and "Nothing Like Us"; mem (Issue # 3, 2006)

"Delicious Marriage"; Pip Lit (Issue # 2, 2005)

"Apologies for Ice," "My Lover Never," "Rare Hawk Evident" and "Tonight I Doze"; Coconut (Issue # 2, 2005)

"Brunch With Cordelia," "Clutch" and "Retention"; Kulture Vulture (Issue # 3, 2005)

"Sink the Girl" and "When the Moment Turned"; DUCKY (Issue # 5, 2005)

"Parts," "And the Point Is?" and "Love, Sincere": Rock Heals (2005)

"Pine Box," "June Sense" and "Much We Could Do"; SOFTBLOW (2005)

"When Dogs Rule"; 42opus (Volume 5, Issue 2, 2005)

"What We Say"; Esther Press (2005)

"That’s Not Butter"; MiPOesias (Volume 19, Issue 3, 2005)

"The Skirmish"; Unpleasant Event Schedule (2005)

"Wanting to Be a Man of Saturn" and "Quantity of the Quality"; Vs. (2004)

"Comfortable Ass Clicking Garments"; Good Foot (Issue # 5, 2004)

"Inquiry" and "Muse Vs. Law"; 5AM (Issue # 20, 2004)

"Meditations on Heritage," "Color of Ass" and "Thoughts on Indoor Living"; LIT (Issue # 8, 2004)

"On the Way"; F U: An Anthology of Fuck You Poems; Slope (Issue # 17, 2003)

"Missing in Suburbia"; 5AM (Issue # 17, 2002)

"Born with a Pewter Spoon"; LIT (Issue # 5, 2001)

"Depression"; 5AM (Issue # 13, 2000)



”Questions for the Quest“; (poem); The Rumpus Original Poetry Anthology (The Rumpus 2012)

“Litany for Thy Fun” and “Litany for Emancipation” (poems); i.e. reader (Narrow House 2009)

“Tonight I Doze” (poem); From the Fishouse: An Anthology of Poems that Sing, Rhyme, Resound, Syncopate, Alliterate, and Just Plain Sound Great (Persea Books 2009)

“Uncommon Concubine” (poem); The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel - Second Floor (No Tell Books 2007)

"That’s Not Butter" (poem); Best American Poetry 2006 (Scribner 2006)

“No Bra Required” (poem); The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel (No Tell Books 2006)

"Thoughts on Indoor Living" (poem); In Our Own Words: A Generation Defining Itself - Volume 6 (MWE Enterprises 2005)

"Depression" (poem); It’s All Good: How Do You Like It Here NOW? (Manic D Press 2004)



Interview with PF Potvin;” The Best American Poetry Blog (July 2008)

Interview with Bruce Covey;” The Best American Poetry Blog (July 2008)

Interview with Jill Alexander Essbaum;” The Best American Poetry Blog (July 2008)

Interview with Shafer Hall;” The Best American Poetry Blog (July 2008)

Interview with Laurel Snyder;” The Best American Poetry Blog (July 2008)

Interview with Rebecca Loudon;” The Best American Poetry Blog (July 2008)

Interview with Hugh Behm-Steinberg;” The Best American Poetry Blog (July 2008)

Interview with Ravi Shankar;” The Best American Poetry Blog (July 2008)

"Interview with April Bernard" Post Road (Issue # 7, 2003)



“Crucial Holiday Poetry Shopping” (column); The Happy Booker (December 2006)

"Crucial Rooster" (monthly poetry column); The Happy Booker (August 2006)

“On Being the Asshole” (guest blogger); The Happy Booker (July 2006)

"Crucial Rooster" (monthly poetry column); The Happy Booker (May 2006)

"Crucial Rooster" (monthly poetry column); The Happy Booker (April 2006)

"Crucial Rooster" (monthly poetry column); The Happy Booker (March 2006)

"Poet on Poets" (on Amy Gerstler); Beatrice (February 2006)

"Crucial Rooster" (monthly poetry column); The Happy Booker (February 2006)

"Crucial Rooster" (monthly poetry column); The Happy Booker (January 2006)

"Crucial Rooster" (monthly poetry column); The Happy Booker (December 2005)

"Crucial Rooster" (monthly poetry column); The Happy Booker (November 2005)

"Crucial Rooster" (monthly poetry column); The Happy Booker (October 2005)

"Crucial Rooster" (monthly poetry column); The Happy Booker (September 2005)

"Crucial Rooster" (monthly poetry column); The Happy Booker (August 2005)

"Crucial Rooster" (monthly poetry column); The Happy Booker (July 2005)

"Crucial Rooster" (monthly poetry column); The Happy Booker (June 2005)

"Crucial Rooster" (monthly poetry column); The Happy Booker (May 2005)

"Give the Boot to the Muse; Behold the Power of Duende" (essay); Drunken Boat (Issue # 4, 2002)


Book Reviews

Second-Hand Souls by Nichita Danilov (review); NewPages (July 5, 2004)

Fire Eater by Kathleen Jesme (review); NewPages (February 1, 2004)

Vanished Act: The Life and Art of Weldon Kees by James Reidel (review); NewPages (February 1, 2004)

Father of Noise by Anthony McCann (review); NewPages (February 1, 2004)

Reb Livingston is a writer, curator of the Bibliomancy Oracle and regular contributor to Queen Mob's Teahouse

Email: reb *at* rebaroni *dt* com


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God Damsel (2010)

Your Ten Favorite Words (2007)

The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel - Second Floor (co-editor, 2007)

Pterodactyls Soar Again (2006)

The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel (co-editor, 2006)